Air Pressure Control by Titan Products.

Titan Products have expanded their Air Pressure Control range with the new, low cost TP-APC-500 Air Pressure Controller. The compact controller is designed to maintain a constant Air Pressure within a space through a 0-10V control signal.

0-10V Air Pressure Control from Titan.

0-10V Air Pressure Control from Titan.


Variable Air Volume

By setting up your air pressure control requirements via set point and proportional band dials on the unit, the TP-APC-500 can maintain balanced, negative or positive Air Pressure. This makes the TP-APC-500 suitable for an extremely wide range of VAV (variable air volume) applications ranging from:

  • Large residential extract systems
  • Laboratories or fume cupboard environments
  • Surgeries or operating theatres
  • Any VAV system where air volume needs to be controlled

Further enhancing the control flexibility of the TP-APC-500 are the selectable 5 ranges that it can control to.

These are as follows

  • 0-100
  • 0-200
  • 0-300
  • 0-400
  • 0-500pa

These are also set up locally on the controller making set up extremely quick and easy.

Air Pressure Output

The TP-APC-500 also includes a 4-20mA Air Pressure Output for monitoring purposes as standard.

The TP-APC-500 incorporates a red LED for power on and loss of pressure fault indication comes fully calibrated incorporating a push button to calibrate to zero pressure.
More Air Pressure Products from Titan Products.

Differential Air Pressure Sensors:

Titan Products also manufacture the very successful TPDPT7  Air Pressure Sensors, which are designed to monitor the Differential Air Pressure and relay the information back to a Building Management System (BMS) via a 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA signal which is selectable from the unit.

The standard sensor in the range, the TPDPT7/2500 offers 8 selectable ranges from 0-50pa to 0-2500pa all of which are + and – selectable making it the perfect sensor to use when monitoring down to 0pa is required.

Differential Air Pressure Air Sensors

Differential Air Pressure Air Sensors


The full TPDPT7 range is available with an inbuilt display (see above) and also includes a High Accuracy version which can monitor ranges as low as 0-25pa and the TPDPT7/10,000 which can monitor ranges up to 10,000pa.

Pressure Switches:

The 930  Pressure Switches from Titan Products are the perfect solution for fan proving or air pressure fault monitoring. The low-cost solution is available offering ranges from 0-200pa to 1000-4000pa.

Perfect for fan proving

930 Range – Perfect for fan proving.


For more information on the Air Pressure products please visit

Call the sales team on 0161 406 6480.

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