BACnet 24VDC Hight Current Natural Ventilation Controller

BACnet 24VDC Hight Current Natural Ventilation Controller
27 / 06 / 2011
Launced in September, the new BACnet enabled NVC-1204 can control upto 3 zones with its 24VDC reverse polarity ouptuts designed to control DC actuators. The high current outputs are rated upto 8 amps per circuit.

  • Control Option for 3 zones or High/Middle/Lower actuator control
  • Outputs 24VDC reverse polarity control of DC actuators.
  • Time Proportional Positioning Control.
  • Summer/Winter Compensation
  • High current rated outputs up to 8 amps per circuit
  • Temperature and CO2 priority control on ventilation
  • Input option for Rain Detector
  • Input for external temperature
  • Input option for Heat On to prevent excessive ventilation,
  • Input option for Fire (shut down)
  • Input for local override open/close
  • In built real time clock for annual scheduling
  • Option for Night Purge (free cooling)
  • BACnet (RS485 MSTP) enabled.
  • Master/Slave option for multiple controllers on the same network.

For more details on the NVC-1204 Natural Ventilaton controller please contact the sales team on 0161 406 6480 or email

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