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Titan Products adds new features to TPZ-NET Wireless Range:

TPZ-PIR Wireless Occupancy Sensor

Titan Products continue to add greater functionality, usability and additional features to the TPZ-NET Zigbee Wireless Range: New PC Commissioning Software: The PC Commissioning Software is used to setup and edit the TPZ-NET Zigbee wireless network has also received a large facelift and exciting feature added. The Zigbee quick setup has kept all the ease of use […]

Discrete Sensors from Titan Products

Discreet Sensors

Discrete Sensors Titan Products continue to develop new sensors for all environments. Most recently we have developed our range of discrete sensors. Adding to the every popular button sensors and anti-ligature plate sensors is the most discrete sensor we have offered to date – the TPFMTS Flush Mounted Temperature Sensor.   Wall Mounted Sensors Designed […]

Titan Products Zigbee Wireless Sensors

Zigbee Wireless Sensors

Zigbee Wireless Sensors from Titan Products No wiring, no worries! Completely Wireless sensors from Titan Products. Wide Range of Sensors! Incorporating CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Light Level and PIR Occupancy sensors, the TPZ-Net range of wireless sensors from Titan Products allows on-site wiring and installation costs to be drastically reduced and replaced with a stable, reliable […]

Discrete Temperature Sensing

Discreet Sensors

Titan Products are pleased to the announce the addition of the Flush Mounted Discrete temperature sensor (TPFMTS) to their range of discrete and anti-ligature range of temperature sensors. The TPFMTS is designed to fit flush to walls, ceilings and floors and can then be painted over to match any interior making the sensor the most discrete sensor that Titan Products […]

The TPVRCO2 Co2 Sensor Range


The TPVRCO2 Co2 sensor range from Titan Products: If you want affordable, accurate and reliable CO2 sensors then look no further than the Titan Products TPVRCO2 range of Co2 sensors. Starting at £125.00 for combined CO2 and temperature outputs the sensors are the most competitively priced on the market. With options such as LED indication […]

Titan Sensors – Controlling Comfort Stylishly

Titan Products have spent years developing their product range from the simple temperature sensor  to complex application specific BACnet controllers  but how do these products compliment each other? This post looks into this relationship between simple monitoring and complex control to ensure that comfort levels are maintained efficiency.

Titan add Low Cost DUCT Co2 sensor to range.

Titan add Low Cost DUCT Co2 sensor to range. With a list prices £165, the TITAN TPVDCO2 duct sensors provides CO2 and measurement of 0-2000ppm scaled across a 0-10V output. The CO2 sensor employs Automatic Background Calibration (ABC Logic) to continuously adjust the calibration base to correct for changes in the background concentration levels and […]

Control your environment with CO2 Duct sensors

CO2 Duct Sensor

Titan Products have launched  new CO2 duct sensors to add to the extremely successful range of CO2 sensors.   With a list prices £165, the TITAN TPVDCO2 duct sensors provides CO2 and measurement of 0-2000ppm scaled across a 0-10V output.

TPZ-Net Zigbee Wireless Set up

TPZ-Net Zigbee Wireless Set up – Completed in minutes! The TPZ-Net range of Wireless sensors may boast a diverse application range, secure and reliable mesh networking capabilities, impressive indoor transmission ranges and BACnet communications. However there is another strength that the TPZ-Net range of Zigbee sensors offers: ease of set up. For a product range […]