Control your environment with CO2 Duct sensors

Titan Products have launched  new CO2 duct sensors to add to the extremely successful range of CO2 sensors.


CO2 Duct Sensor

CO2 Duct Sensor

With a list prices £165, the TITAN TPVDCO2 duct sensors provides CO2 and measurement of 0-2000ppm scaled across a 0-10V output.

Titan Products CO2 sensor range also include Room CO2 sensors starting at £120 which benefit from options including LED indication for CO2 level, optional resistance outputs for temperature and an optional 0-10V output for humidity.

The CO2 sensors employ Automatic Background Calibration (ABC Logic) to continuously adjust the calibration base to correct for changes in the background concentration levels and sensor drift.

After the first 24 hours of operation the CO2 sensor calibration algorithm starts and continuously monitors and automatically adjusts the sensor calibration over the life time of the product.

The CO2 sensors from Titan Products are the perfect way to monitor carbon dioxide levels in schools, offices and hospital environments where fresh air is extremely important.

Zigbe Wireless Sensors

Titan Products also manufacture a Zigbee wireless CO2 sensor which can used in conjunction with the TPZ-Net co-ordinator to create a wireless network. These networks can greatly reduce site wiring, commissioning and installation time.  Complimenting Titan Products’ range of environmental sensors which include;

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Air Quality
    • CO
    • Light Level
    • Occupancy and Pressure sensors

The CO2 sensors can be used in conjunction with Titan Products CCM/MPC Multi-Purpose BACnet controllers allowing Heating, Cooling or Ventilation plant equipment to be controlled over a BACnet network. This allows for control on demand to be achieved making the whole system extremely energy efficient.

The CO2 sensors also compliment the Natural Ventilation BACnet controllers from Titan Products. Primarily used in Schools, Libraries and Office environments the CCM-204 Natural Ventilation controllers control the air flow of fresh air throughout a building depending on the CO2 and Temperature levels within the building.

As CO2 or temperature levels increase, actuators will be driven open by the CCM-204 Natural Ventilation controllers to allow more fresh air into the building to dilute the CO2 levels and bring down the internal temperature to a more comfortable level. As the desired CO2 and temperature levels are achieved the actuators will be manipulated by the BACnet controllers to maintain the desired levels.

If the control regime needs to be overridden at any time Titan Products ACO window positioning module is available allowing the occupant to open or close the windows further dependant on the internal conditions.

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