Energy Efficient Controls for Hilton Hotels:

Titan Products are extremely proud to have supplied a large number of FCU-4 BACnet Fan Coil Controllers and RDU-4 User Interfaces to over 10 Hilton Hotels within the UK.

Hilton Park Lane Hotel

600 x FCU controllers supplied to Hilton Park Lane

FCU-4 BACnet Controllers

Recently Titan Products have supplied 600+ FCU-4 controllers and RDU-4 interfaces to the Hilton Park Lane, London and 500+ units to the Hilton, Reading.

The FCU-4 and RDU-4 offer the ideal solution for the comfort control within the hotel bedrooms as they offer accurate, energy efficient control at an extremely cost-effective price point while offering innovative software features designed for the Hotel Market by the Titan products in-house R&D team.


Energy Efficient Fan Coil Controller

Energy Efficient Fan Coil Controllers from Titan Products

ECO Friendly Controllers

These features include different levels of ECO settings which are dependent on the letting status of the room. This feature can be fully integrated into the hotel letting system via BACnet communications which allows the controller setting to automatically adjust depending on whether the room is not let, let but unoccupied or occupied. The controllers also have multiple inputs for the window and door contacts to ensure the HVAC control is inhibited if either is open to ensure energy efficiency is maximised at all times.

The FCU-4 controllers are capable of controlling 0-10V EC or 3-speed relay fans and offer 24V AC ON/OFF, PWM, TPC or 0-10V actuator control for the heating and cooling valves.

RDU4 Room Display Unit

Simple Temperature and Fan Speed adjustment via the RDU-4

The Stylish RDU-4 user interface allows for the room temperature set point and fan speed to be adjusted at the touch of button and can also come fitted with a built in temperature sensor to negate the need for a remote temperature sensor. This allows great savings to be achieved on wiring costs and time as the sensor information is automatically transmitted back to the FCU-4 via the plug-in connection from the RDU-4 interface.

Titan Products & Hilton Hotels

Other Hilton Hotels that Titan Products have supplied HVAC controls to include:

  • Hilton Islington
  • Hilton Manchester Airport
  • Hilton Birmingham NEC
  • Hilton Bracknell
  • Hilton Brighton
  • Hilton Cardiff
  • Hilton East Midlands
  • Hilton Leeds
  • Hilton Stansted Airport
RDU4 card reader

RDU-4 with Card Reader, Do Not Disturb and Make My Room functions

Titan Products also offer a built in card reader with the RDU-4 which introduces additional functionality for Make My Room and Do Not Disturb features which can be transmitted to the hotel letting system and DND corridor plate. The DND corridor can also be fitted with a 3rd party door access module to allow access to the hotel room via a simple swipe of a key card.

DND Corridor Plate

DND Plate with Make My Room indication


All controllers are fully compatible with Titan Products range of environmental sensors.

For more information on Hotel products such as our FCU-4 and RDU-4 please visit or contact the sales team on 0161 406 6480.


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