HVAC Fan Coil Control: FCU-4

Fan Coil Control: A closer look at the FCU-4

Titan Products manufacture and design a number of controllers designed to efficiently manage the comfort control conditions of their environment.

This article looks into the advantages of using the Titan Products FCU-4 fan coil controller and the features its offers today’s market.

FCU - 402 Controller

FCU – 402 Controller

What is the FCU-4 controller?

The FCU-4 controller is a BACnet enabled, application specific fan coil controller that is designed to control fan coil units in the most energy efficient way. Being application specific means that the controller can be set up specifically for the project it is being used on to perfectly suit the building and fan coil requirements.

The inbuilt native MS/TP BACnet communications allows the controller to communicate to a building management system over a network where the information can be logged and settings can be changed to improve the energy efficiency of the fan coils.

What does the FCU-4 controller do?

The Titan Products FCU-4 controller is designed to automatically control all Fan Coil outputs and fan types. These include 0-10V or 24V valves and relay or 0-10V EC fans.

The FCU-4 does this by receiving information from temperature sensors
either in the room it is controlling, or in the duct work that the air is being supplied from. The FCU-4 adjusts the output of the fan coil to either increase or decrease the temperature of the room.  This type of control is perfect for hotel, residential, commercial or office buildings.

The main aim of the FCU-4 fan coil controller is to make sure that the desired temperature in the room is achieved in the most energy efficient way and as comfortably as possible for the occupant.

For larger rooms the FCU-4 controller can be used in a master / slave formation where a group of slave devices can be set up to copy the control regime of the master controller. This allows all the fan coils in a large area to controlled from one sensor or which reduces wiring and installation costs and time.

Room Display Units:

The FCU-4 controller will be set up to suit your application. However, if an occupant needs to adjust the temperature within the room they can.

The FCU-4 fan coil controller from Titan Products is fully compatible with the stylish RDU-4 room display unit .


Room Display Units: RDU -4

The Room Display Unit allows the user to adjust the desired temperature of the room and also adjust the fan speed if required.

Titan Products take great pride the amount of flexibility they can offer within their products and the RDU-4 is no exception. Extra features can be added such as ‘make my room’ and ‘do not disturb’ features for hotel applications as well as time clock inputs and override buttons for residential projects.

Inputs and Outputs:

The FCU-4 controller has 2 x sensors inputs for Titan Products temperature sensors. These can be room, flying lead or duct sensors. The second input can be used for high or low limit sensors which allows the FCU-4 controller to turn the heating or cooling on if the temperature drops to a low level or climbs to a high level.

input/output controller


The FCU-4 controller is also fully compatible with Titan Products range of Zigbee Wireless Temperature sensors allowing wireless control sensors to be used which greatly reduces on site wiring and commissioning times.

Incorporating up to 4 x 0-10V outputs and 4 x 24V triac outputs the FCU-4 can cater for all types of valve actuators and fans using 0-10V, 24V PCM, TPC and ON/OFF control. There is also an option for 3 stage relay fan control if required.

This flexibility allows the FCU-4 controller to control under floor heating systems on projects where the fan coil is only being used for cooling. This is perfect for residential buildings.

The controller inputs allow for a range of features to added to the controller including PIR sensors to detect when the room is occupied, fan proving using a Titan Products Air Pressure switch or a remote on/off from a building management system.

Hotels where the FCU-4 controller been used in HVAC

Hotels using the Fan Coil Controllers

The FCU-4 controller has been an extremely successful for Titan Products having been supplied to a number of hotel groups including: Hilton, Radison, Aurora, K-West and Sofitel as well as large London projects such as Broadgate Tower and residential projects such as the Riverlight project on the Thames.

With all the features, outputs and communications available on the FCU-4 fan coil controller it is the perfect solution to control your Fan Coil and provide an your HVAC solution.

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