Titan Products Expand TPZ-NET Wireless CO2 Range

Titans expands TPZ-NET wireless CO2 range


Titan sensors

Reduce wiring costs and time with wireless sensors


Titan Products have expanded the already successful TPZ-Net range of Zigbee Wireless sensors with the addition of two further CO2 wireless products.

The two exciting wireless CO2 sensors that have been launched include the TPZCO2T/L which now adds LED indication for CO2 whilst maintaining a strong battery life of up to 3 years. The CO2 sensor is completely wireless and battery driven meaning it requires no wiring for power or for the control signal to any controllers.
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Dew Point Sensor Range launched by Titan Products


Flying Lead Dew Point Sensor

Flying Lead Dew Point Sensor

Titan Products are delighted to announce the launch of 2 new Dew Point sensors; the TPDP/FL and TPDP/CS.

The TPDP/FL is a flying lead type assembly which allows the temperature sensor to be mounted on the pipe while the housing can be mounted in close proximity to the unit. This is extremely useful when there are space constraints around the chilled pipe work.

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Temperature & CO2 Wireless Sensors at Museum

Titan Products are delighted that our battery powered, TPZ-Net Temperature and CO2 Wireless Sensors have been used to monitor Temperature and CO2 levels at the Imperial War Museum, London. The sensors were chosen due to their long range, battery life and reliability.

The TPZ-Net range of wireless sensors are the perfect solution for applications such as museums and listed building where it isn’t always possible to run cables to HVAC sensors and controllers.

Wireless Temperature and Co2

Wireless Sensing for Co2 and Temperature at the Imperial War Museum

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Titan Products adds new features to TPZ-NET Wireless Range:

Titan Products continue to add greater functionality, usability and additional features to the TPZ-NET Zigbee Wireless Range:

New PC Commissioning Software:

The PC Commissioning Software is used to setup and edit the TPZ-NET Zigbee wireless network has also received a large facelift and exciting feature added. The Zigbee quick setup has kept all the ease of use and speed of commissioning qualities which has proved so successful.   We have added a completely new second commissioning process which allows:



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Discrete Sensors from Titan Products

Discrete Sensors

Titan Products continue to develop new sensors for all environments. Most recently we have developed our range of discrete sensors. Adding to the every popular button sensors and anti-ligature plate sensors is the most discrete sensor we have offered to date – the TPFMTS Flush Mounted Temperature Sensor.

Paint over for our most discrete sensor to date

Paint over for our most discrete sensor to date


Wall Mounted Sensors

Designed to be mounted into walls, ceiling or floors the TPFMTS offers extremely discrete indoor temperature sensing as it can be painted over to hide it even further from sight. These discrete qualities make the flush mounted discrete sensor ideal for any residential, commercial or public building application where discrete sensing is required.

The anti-ligature properties of the TPFMTS and TPSSP plate sensors make them perfect for applications such as prisons and hospitals.

Anti-Ligature Plate sensors

Anti-Ligature Plate sensors


Titan Button Sensor

Available in white, brass or stainless steel the TPBS Button Sensors continue to be an extremely popular choice when looking for an alternative to a standard room sensor. The button sensor is available on its own for discrete mounting or if required it can be mounted on to a single gang plate.


The extremely popular Titan Button Sensor

The extremely popular Titan Button Sensor

All the discrete, button and plate sensors from Titan Products are available with a wide range of thermistor elements to suit any common BMS. The 10K3 version is fully compatible with Titan Products temperature controllers.

For information on any of the discrete sensors from Titan Products please contact the sales team.

Titan Products supply high end London Riverlight Development.

Titan Products supply high end London Riverlight Development.

Titan Supplied the Riverlight Development - London

Riverlight Development

Titan Products are proud to provide combined Fan Coil and Underfloor heating control to one of London’s flagship developments. Riverlight, part of the Nine Elms development in Vauxhall, is situated on the River Thames overlooking central London and boasts some of the most sought after residential apartments in the area.

The client, St James, required a HVAC controller that would control both the under floor heating and the cooling via a Fan Coil for each apartment zone. This was achieved by using Titan Products FCU-4 controller.

The Titan Products RDU-4 interface was used to give a high-end luxurious feeling to the control operation.

Working closely with St James from early on in the development, Titan Products developed a ‘plug and play’ enclosure, which allowed the project to benefit from reduced on-site wiring and commissioning costs. Each apartment was supplied with a pre-wired, pre-set up enclosure that included all the apartment controls. All enclosures include simple plugs that will allow the installer to easily connect the controls to the under floor heating valves, the fan coil and the heating interface (HIU). Having the controllers supplied this way will greatly reduce the commissioning time required.

All products are UK designed, developed and manufactured by Titan Products.

For more information regarding any of the products mentioned please contact Titan Products on 0161 406 6480 or visit www.titanproducts.com

New Wireless PIR Occupancy Sensor expands TPZ-Net Range

Titan Products continue to develop the TPZ-Net range of wireless sensors with the release of the TPZ-PIR and TPZ-PIR/LL wireless occupancy PIR sensors.

With a range of up to 12 metres, the completely wireless, battery powered PIR sensors are designed to detect movement in a space and then transmit a wireless signal to the TPZ-Net co-ordinator when movement is detected.

Communicate with the BACnet network

The co-ordinator then communicates this occupied state over a BACnet network which allows lighting and HVAC applications to be enabled when occupants enter the room. This control on demand is essential when aiming to reduce energy consumption.

TPZ-PIR Wireless Occupancy Sensor


The TPZ-PIR and TPZ-PIR/LL wireless occupancy sensors will transmit an unoccupied signal after a delay timer has completed its cycle uninterrupted by movement detection. This timer can be adjusted via the TPZ-Net PC commissioning software.

The TPZ-PIR/LL sensor incorporates a Light Level sensor that reports the light level (lux) every 2 minutes wirelessly when the room is in an occupied state.

When used for lighting applications the light level sensor can be used to ensure that lighting is not switched on unnecessarily. A light level high limit can be set during the commissioning process which ensures that the change of value reporting for the light level will be inhibited once the light level exceeds this level.

Fitted with a clip-in AA sized battery the TPZ-PIR wireless occupancy sensors are perfect for office, schools and other building environments where control on demand is essential to keep energy costs down.

The TPZ-Net range also includes wireless Temperature, CO2, Humidity and Light level sensors.

Incorporating Zigbee wireless technology the range creates extremely stable, self-healing mesh networking capabilities.

The TPZ-Net range is supplied with Titan Products bespoke PC interface to allow for quick and simple setup and commissioning.