Temperature & CO2 Wireless Sensors at Museum

Titan Products are delighted that our battery powered, TPZ-Net Temperature and CO2 Wireless Sensors have been used to monitor Temperature and CO2 levels at the Imperial War Museum, London. The sensors were chosen due to their long range, battery life and reliability.

The TPZ-Net range of wireless sensors are the perfect solution for applications such as museums and listed building where it isn’t always possible to run cables to HVAC sensors and controllers.

Wireless Temperature and Co2

Wireless Sensing for Co2 and Temperature at the Imperial War Museum

Incorporating Zigbee mesh networking technology, the TPZ-Net wireless Temperature and Co2 sensors are a combined unit meaning that only one sensor is required in order to monitor both parameters. The sensors also offer adjustable transmission rates which are set up using the Titan Products bespoke PC commissioning software for each individual sensor.

The wireless sensors will transmit their readings to the Titan Products TPZ-COORD/BMS network co-ordinator. The co-ordinator can receive information from up to 30 sensing devices and transmit their sensing values directly onto a BACnet MS/TP network via a RS485 connection. Along with the sensing values, the co-ordinator will also transmit any low battery warnings and alarms if a signal hasn’t been received from a particular sensor for a period of time.

Being able to transmit the values directly onto BACnet allows the BMS, if present, to integrate all areas of the building where sensors are mounted and instruct any control or alarming if required.

Other benefits of going wireless include great on-site cost reductions through no wiring or cabling being required for the sensors. The installer also has much more freedom of the sensor location due to any wiring restraints being removed and wiring mistakes are non existent due to the installer not having to wire any sensors.

Zigbee Wireless Sensors

TPZ-Net Zigbee Wireless Sensors

The Zigbee TPZ-Net range of Wireless Sensors from Titan Products includes Temperature, Co2, Humidity, Light Level and Occupancy (PIR) sensors. For more information on the wireless sensors from Titan Products please call 0161 406 6480 or email sales@titanproducts.com.



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