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Titan Products have spent years developing their product range from the simple temperature sensor  to complex application specific BACnet controllers  but how do these products compliment each other?

This post looks into this relationship between simple monitoring and complex control to ensure that comfort levels are maintained efficiency.Simple Temperature Monitoring

Without the simplicity of the temperature sensor the controllers cannot do their job.
Temperature sensors  are designed to let the controller know what the temperature is in a certain environment.

Simple Temperature sensors from Titan Controls

Simple Temperature sensors from Titan Controls

The sensors monitor the air temperature and transmit either a resistive, 0-10V or 4-20mA signal depending on what the temperature is to the controller. This value can then be interpreted by via the controller’s inputs.

BACnet controllers provide Complex Environmental Control

The Titan BACnet controllers are designed to manipulate HVAC plant equipment in order to achieve the desired environmental conditions. They do this by receiving information through their inputs and controlling equipment via their outputs.

FCU - 402 Controller

FCU – 402 Controller

Therefore, if the information the controller receives through the inputs is incorrect they cannot control accurately. This leads the equipment being used when it is not necessarily required; wasting energy.

Titan Products can provide Temperature sensors for a number of applications including Room, Outside, Duct and Immersion sensors.

Inputs do not always need to be based on temperature. For example they can be based from Humidity Sensors, CO2 sensors  or PIR sensors  also. Titan BACnet controllers can cater for all these type of inputs and control their environments to suit.

Being able to control from this wide variety of inputs allows the Titan Controllers to Control on demand. This is when control equipment is used only when it is required. For example, when the temperature is too high / low, when CO2 levels are too high or when a room is occupied (PIR).

Being able to control on demand is a major contributor to achieving energy efficient control.

Hotel Panels have Stylish finish

Titan Products pride themselves on their accurate sensors and flexible control however it is also important to offer stylish solutions that suit the application. Titan delivers this through the elegant RDU (room display unit) which is fully compatible with all Titan BACnet controllers.

The RDU-4  has been used on applications ranging from school Natural Ventilation projects to high end, multi million pound residential penthouses around the world.

The RDU-4 allows users to adjust their environmental requirements by selecting the temperature they wish the room to be or what fan speed they wish the fan to run at.

In hotel application  the user can also select maid service or do not disturb showing just how flexible and versatile the sensors from Titan Products can be.

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