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Wireless Site Surveys Made Easy:


Wireless Site Surveys

The east to use TPZ-SSK site survey kit from Titan Products

The easy to use TPZ-SSK site survey kit from Titan Products

Titan Products have launched a new 2 piece, battery powered Site Survey Kit to be used in conjunction with the TPZ-Net Zigbee Wireless range of sensors.

The Site Survey Kit is supplied in two parts, the TPZ-SSR receiver and the TPZ-SST transmitter. The TPZ-SST represents the wireless sensor and is a hand held device that pings a wireless signal to the TPZ-SSR and reports the signal strength between the two units. This is illustrated via the 3 LED readouts signalling either a good, weak or no signal.

The ‘toggle mode’ button on the TPZ-SST allows the user to select the sensor type to test. This sensor type can either be internal to represent all standard room sensors in the TPZ-Net range or external which includes Titan’s range of outside and plant sensors.

Once the sensor type is selected, a simple press of the ‘test’ button will send a test ping to the TPZ-SSR, which represents a TPZ-Net co-ordinator or repeater on the network. A signal will be received back by the TPZ-SST which will show the wireless signal strength. This signal strength determines whether the location is a good place to locate a sensor via the green LED or whether a repeater is required illustrated by the yellow or red LEDs.

The TPZ-SST requires 2 x standard AA batteries while the TPZ-SSR has an inbuilt re-chargeable battery and is supplied with an adaptor to plug the unit into a standard wall plug. This rechargeable battery offers up to 16 hours of use for each full charge.

Zigbee Wireless Sensors

Wireless Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Light Level and Occupancy sensors from Titan Products

Zigbee Communications

The TPZ-Net range of sensors from Titan Products incorporates a wide range of battery powered sensors that communicate over Zigbee communications to the TPZ-Net co-ordinator. This co-ordinator then exposed all wireless information received onto a BACnet MS/TP network to be interrogated by a building management system (BMS).

The TPZ-Net range of sensors currently offers monitoring solutions for Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Light Level and Occupancy (PIR).

For more information any products in the TPZ-Net range please visit www.titanproducts.com or contact the sales team on +44 (0) 161 406 6480.

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