COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Temporary Production Closure – Friday 27th March

Titan Products are currently closed from the 27th March until 6th April. This is to allow us to modify our production processes to ensure our operations can continue. These new processes will allow us to maintain the welfare of our workforce and to operate within the current government guidelines surrounding COVID-19. When we re-open we will however be operating to a much reduced production workforce so we would ask for your patience during these testing times as lead times will be affected.  

If your order is for a hospital, NHS building or other key building types, please advise at the point of order and we will look to prioritise these orders.

Our sales and admin staff remain off-site, however all enquiries are being dealt with remotely via

We thank you for your support and patience through these very difficult times.

Stay safe.

The Titan Product team.  

COVID-19 Update – Tuesday 24th March

Due to the latest Government guidelines regarding COVID-19, and the welfare of our staff remaining our top priority, we are now currently operating with a reduced on-site workforce. Because of this it might take us a little longer than normal to process any orders and to deal with telephone enquiries. We would therefore ask that if you are having difficulty getting through on the phone, or have any queries, to email us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

We thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

COVID-19 Statement – Tuesday 17th March

Titan Products continues to monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus situation globally, with the safety of our customers and employees being our top priority.

The company is monitoring the developments and guidelines set by the UK Government and will continue to act swiftly to ensure the welfare of our staff is maintained and the business can continue to function efficiently through these difficult times.

To operate in line with the latest Government guidelines issued 16th March 2020, Titan Products have made previsions for employees to work from home where possible, and we are asking our employees to take precaution such as avoiding people who are symptomatic, to frequently wash their hands, to follow the World Health Organization and NHS guidelines and to self-isolate if they exhibit symptoms, or live with a family who does so.

Employees who are not able to work from home will not be available for visitors and no business travel will be conducted for the foreseeable future.

Our production facilities continue to operate as normal, stock levels remain strong and we are in constant communication with our component suppliers to ensure the supply chain is maintained with contingency measures in place to preserve our multiple sourcing channels.

Should you have any questions please contact us.


Zigbee 3.0 CO2 Sensor

Titan Products are proud to announce the launch of the world’s first Zigbee 3.0 CO2 sensor.

Communicating using the latest Zigbee 3.0 technology the TPZRCO2TH-Z3 is designed to communicate to compatible third party hubs and co-ordinators opening up the opportunity to add wireless CO2 monitoring to Zigbee 3.0 or HA1.2 ecosystems.

Zigbee 3 CO2 room sensor

By monitoring CO2 and using the measurements to ventilate spaces on demand, productivity in working and learning environments can be greatly improved while air quality in residential dwelling can be maintained at a comfortable level, making the sensor the perfect solution for a wide range of applications including commercial, residential and education building types.

The CO2 sensor offers Temperature and Humidity measurement within the sensor as standard. Combining all three sensor types within a single device removes the need for multiple sensors within a space reducing install and hardware costs. A temperature and humidity only sensor is also available.

Providing an excellent five year battery life, the wireless sensors provide increased flexibility in mounting location, ease of install and much lower installation costs over wired sensor types as no cable runs are required.

Other features include strong internal signal strengths of up to 60m, over the air (OTA) upgrade functionality, quick release front cover and options for tamperproof enclosures.

All products are UK designed, developed and manufactured with our on-site R&D team always striving to improve products to provide customers with more options in terms of product selection and flexibility. These new sensors offer an exciting new development which now allows us to offer a sensing solution for traditional 0-10V wired, Zigbee wireless or BACnet/Modbus networks.

Find out more about our groundbreaking Zigbee 3.0 CO2 Sensor here:

Humidity Sensors

We have streamlined our humidity sensors to improve the ordering process for customers. We now fit a 10K3 thermistor as standard to our combined humidity and temperature sensors meaning we can drastically reduce the number of variants. This will mean we hold more stock of these parts allowing customers to utilise our next day delivery service*.

Available in room, duct, outside and flying lead assemblies, the sensors are supplied with a combined temperature output, either 0-10V or 4-20mA depending on the humidity output. The sensors are fitted with a 10K3 thermistor but other resistive outputs are available on request, please contact the sales team for further details.

*Subject to stock levels and time of ordering

Humidity parts

To shop the sensors visit:


Smart sensors with flexible control options

The smart sensors are all now supplied with ON/OFF control options via a Digital Output (DO) as standard, which can be enabled/disabled via a number of methods to suit various application types. These applications range from environmental control, satisfying a temperature, humidity or CO2 setpoint to non-environment control actions such as switching off lights or providing a fresh air purge for a set period of time.

The flexibility of control options make the sensors the perfect choice for office and classroom environments to maintain comfort conditions, aiding the productivity of the occupants. The methods are set up via the BACnet communications of the smart sensor. Flexible timer options are also available to manipulate the timing of the DO switching to suit the application. The sensors allow for activation of devices such as fans and lights upon the digital input being enabled via PIR occupancy sensors or local switches and push buttons.

Smart sensors with control options

The sensors already benefit from native communications providing complete interoperability with third party BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU products. Powered from a 24V supply, the Smart sensors allow for cost savings with all CO2, Temperature, Humidity and control actions readings exposed via one communications cable which is monitored via the building BMS or a network controller.

All products are UK designed, developed and manufactured and our on-site R&D team always strive to improve products to provide customers with more options in terms of product selection and flexibility.

These new sensors are an exciting new development which offer a sensing solution for traditional 0-10V wired or BACnet/Modbus networks.

To discover more about our Smart Sensors and to shop click here:

Alternatively please contact us on 0161 406 6480 or email for more information

Preparation for Brexit

We are releasing this statement as part of our preparations for Brexit in March 2019.

Although there is still a lot of uncertainty as to the outcome and the potential impact that Brexit will have on the free movement/supply of goods between the EU and the UK, it is fairly certain that trading relationships will change and operate under a new framework.

In consideration of the likely scenarios, we at Titan Products feel it is important to advise all our customers that we are working closely with our suppliers and customers to prepare plans that are aimed at mitigating the potential risk of interruptions to the continuity of the supply of products and components.

The work we are putting in now will ensure our quality of product and service remains at our expected high levels.

On top of the preparation we are putting in place, we also ask that you share with us any concerns that you may have about the products you purchase from us, including any measures you may have or are making to ensure the continuity of supply.

By working together we will minimise the potential disruption Brexit may have on our business relationships.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationships with our customers through this period and for many years to come.

Remote Access App

The intuitive Remote Access App is an easy to use and flexible time scheduling interface, allowing the user to remotely view and adjust Titan Products’ comfort controllers within a property. Downloadable from the Google Play or Apple App Store it offers two main features; remote control of the comfort conditions from inside and outside the property, and the ability to set up and edit extremely flexible time schedules. The user can select their room and adjust the temperature setpoint, control modes and fan speeds, ensuring comfort conditions are set to individual requirements.

The time schedule interface allows the user to quickly and easily set up a flexible time schedule that caters for:

  • Multiple ON/OFF events per day
  • Each ON period to adhere to a different temperature setpoint
  • Event to be allocated to different zones and days to prevent controlling rooms unnecessarily


The Remote Access App provides the user with a remote RDU-Touch screen in their pocket and offers the below key feature:

  • Fully compatible with both the FCU-503 and FCU-501 control solutions
  • Dynamic user interface for all connected property zones
  • Adjust your comfort controls over Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • Cloud based system architecture
  • Flexible and individual time scheduling for each connected zone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Our new demonstration videos show how the app work so take a look here Titan Product Videos

The Remote Access App is just one product within our residential comfort control range designed to seamlessly communicate to our energy efficient controllers. Read more now Residential Comfort Control

Smart Sensors with BACnet/Modbus Communication

Titan Products Smart room sensors are designed to monitor Co2, humidity and temperature conditions within a space and expose these parameters over a BACnet MS/TP to Modbus network. The Smart sensors benefit from fully open communications with interposable BACnet MS/TP and Modbus standards, increasing their compatibility and capabilities.

Measuring multiple environmental conditions over one network bus can drastically reduce wiring and installation costs over conventional wired sensors. The Smart sensors also aid accurate control by allowing multiple environmental conditions within a building to reliably exchange and monitor information over one network bus, reducing energy costs for the end user. The sensors also incorporate Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) technology to achieve optimum accuracie

Easily addressed via the on-board DIP switches, the Smart sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications that require ventilation on demand such as schools, universities, leisure centres, theatres and offices. In addition to monitoring the Co2, humidity and temperature conditions, the Smart sensors are supplied with 1 x digital output (DO) and 1 x digital input (DI) allowing the BMS or connected controller to monitor the DI and write to the DO. The DO is ideal for fan and heating enabling while the DI can be connected to occupancy sensors or override push buttons allow these to be viewed over the network.

To discover more about our Smart Sensors and to shop click here:

Alternatively please contact us on 0161 406 6480 or email for more information

Zigbee 3.0: The Future of Wireless HVAC Monitoring

Driven by common goals to reduce build costs, increase the ease and flexibility of installation and to create a more connected world, Zigbee wireless communications have been around for many years, creating a wide range of solutions across a variety of applications. These applications include home automation, commercial building automation, lighting control and green energy. In the past, each application was catered for via its own Zigbee profile making it difficult for products operating on differing Zigbee profiles to be completely and freely interoperable. Not anymore!

The Zigbee Alliance, a group of software developers, hardware manufacturers, OEMs and service companies, have worked closely together to develop a Zigbee profile which unifies a number of Zigbee profiles under one umbrella and a common certification standard – Zigbee 3.0.

Built on the Zigbee Pro platform, by rationalising profiles and its inherent forward and backward compatibility with the last generation of Zigbee profiles, Zigbee 3.0 greatly enhances the interoperability of products providing the opportunity for multi-vendor systems across a number of applications which include HVAC, lighting and security.

Mesh networking and an enhanced security layer, along with low power capabilities, make Zigbee 3.0 the wireless communications choice of many. According to the Zigbee Alliance, there are now over 2,500 certified products with over 300,000,000 Zigbee devices deployed worldwide, illustrating the growing success, popularity and reliability of Zigbee.

Combining Zigbee 3.0 communications with the extensive HVAC expertise Titan Products has amassed over the last 30 years, allows new opportunities to be created and for the bar to be raised at the forefront of wireless communications. It is this innovation that allows new products to be created such as the market leading Zigbee 3.0 CO2 sensor creating the possibility to now monitor CO2 levels across a wide range of Zigbee installations and ecosystems.

The next generation of HVAC monitoring is truly upon us and Titan Products are leading the charge.

For more details on Zigbee 3.0 devices from Titan Products, please click here or contact the sales team on +44 (0)161 406 6480 or


Introducing the TPDPT8

The TPDPT8 is our latest Air Differential Pressure Sensor which is our first to provide no long term drift or temperature drift and a better than 0.2% accuracy near zero pressure. These are our most stable and accurate differential air pressure sensors to date.

The TPDPT8 transmitters offer +/- range selection options and multi-range options from 0-25Pa to 0-500Pa and additional options include LCD display and IP65 industrial housing, making them perfect for applications in ventilation/air conditioning systems, operating theatres, fume cupboards, filter monitoring, fan speed control, air pressure monitoring control and air leak detection systems.

We are also in the final stages of developing a range of BACnet & Modbus Air Differential Pressure sensors which will be available soon.

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For more information on the TPDPT8 please click the link below or contact our sales team on 0161 406 6480 or email

Titan’s Fan Coil Controllers Supplied for Royal London

Over 375 FCU-4 fan coil unit controllers have been installed at Royal London Insurance Group in Wilmslow. The building comprises 3 floors of occupied office space and the installation of the new fan coil unit controllers will provide heating and cooling to the building. The occupants are quickly able to adjust temperature settings and operation through the stylish RDU-4 display unit, ensuring optimum comfort of the occupants at all times. A RS485 network was installed between each Titan FCU-4 master controller and associated slave controllers allowing temperature settings and times to be sent from controller to controller from the network master.

The installation was completed by Nyke Energy who undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all existing fan coil units operated efficiently and to the clients needs. This was a critical process with access to the units being extremely difficult. Nyke Energy recommended and delivered the FCU-4 as it allowed a flexible and budget friendly solution, which was configured to the client’s application by Titan prior to delivery.

Nyke Energy were able to provide a cost effective solution to upgrade the existing fan coil unit controls which had reached the end of their working life. The solution had to provide a means of installation with minimal disruption as the building was to remain occupied and unaffected for the entire 14-week upgrade program.

Royal London blog