Remote Access App

The intuitive Remote Access App is an easy to use and flexible time scheduling interface, allowing the user to remotely view and adjust Titan Products’ comfort controllers within a property. Downloadable from the Google Play or Apple App Store it offers two main features; remote control of the comfort conditions from inside and outside the property, and the ability to set up and edit extremely flexible time schedules. The user can select their room and adjust the temperature setpoint, control modes and fan speeds, ensuring comfort conditions are set to individual requirements.

The time schedule interface allows the user to quickly and easily set up a flexible time schedule that caters for:

  • Multiple ON/OFF events per day
  • Each ON period to adhere to a different temperature setpoint
  • Event to be allocated to different zones and days to prevent controlling rooms unnecessarily


The Remote Access App provides the user with a remote RDU-Touch screen in their pocket and offers the below key feature:

  • Fully compatible with both the FCU-503 and FCU-501 control solutions
  • Dynamic user interface for all connected property zones
  • Adjust your comfort controls over Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • Cloud based system architecture
  • Flexible and individual time scheduling for each connected zone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Our new demonstration videos show how the app work so take a look here Titan Product Videos

The Remote Access App is just one product within our residential comfort control range designed to seamlessly communicate to our energy efficient controllers. Read more now Residential Comfort Control

Smart Sensors with BACnet/Modbus Communication

Titan Products Smart room sensors are designed to monitor Co2, humidity and temperature conditions within a space and expose these parameters over a BACnet MS/TP to Modbus network. The Smart sensors benefit from fully open communications with interposable BACnet MS/TP and Modbus standards, increasing their compatibility and capabilities.

Measuring multiple environmental conditions over one network bus can drastically reduce wiring and installation costs over conventional wired sensors. The Smart sensors also aid accurate control by allowing multiple environmental conditions within a building to reliably exchange and monitor information over one network bus, reducing energy costs for the end user. The sensors also incorporate Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) technology to achieve optimum accuracie

Easily addressed via the on-board DIP switches, the Smart sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications that require ventilation on demand such as schools, universities, leisure centres, theatres and offices. In addition to monitoring the Co2, humidity and temperature conditions, the Smart sensors are supplied with 1 x digital output (DO) and 1 x digital input (DI) allowing the BMS or connected controller to monitor the DI and write to the DO. The DO is ideal for fan and heating enabling while the DI can be connected to occupancy sensors or override push buttons allow these to be viewed over the network.

To discover more about our Smart Sensors and to shop click here:

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Zigbee 3.0: The Future of Wireless HVAC Monitoring

Driven by common goals to reduce build costs, increase the ease and flexibility of installation and to create a more connected world, Zigbee wireless communications have been around for many years, creating a wide range of solutions across a variety of applications. These applications include home automation, commercial building automation, lighting control and green energy. In the past, each application was catered for via its own Zigbee profile making it difficult for products operating on differing Zigbee profiles to be completely and freely interoperable. Not anymore!

The Zigbee Alliance, a group of software developers, hardware manufacturers, OEMs and service companies, have worked closely together to develop a Zigbee profile which unifies a number of Zigbee profiles under one umbrella and a common certification standard – Zigbee 3.0.

Built on the Zigbee Pro platform, by rationalising profiles and its inherent forward and backward compatibility with the last generation of Zigbee profiles, Zigbee 3.0 greatly enhances the interoperability of products providing the opportunity for multi-vendor systems across a number of applications which include HVAC, lighting and security.

Mesh networking and an enhanced security layer, along with low power capabilities, make Zigbee 3.0 the wireless communications choice of many. According to the Zigbee Alliance, there are now over 2,500 certified products with over 300,000,000 Zigbee devices deployed worldwide, illustrating the growing success, popularity and reliability of Zigbee.

Combining Zigbee 3.0 communications with the extensive HVAC expertise Titan Products has amassed over the last 30 years, allows new opportunities to be created and for the bar to be raised at the forefront of wireless communications. It is this innovation that allows new products to be created such as the market leading Zigbee 3.0 CO2 sensor creating the possibility to now monitor CO2 levels across a wide range of Zigbee installations and ecosystems.

The next generation of HVAC monitoring is truly upon us and Titan Products are leading the charge.

For more details on Zigbee 3.0 devices from Titan Products, please click here or contact the sales team on +44 (0)161 406 6480 or


Introducing the TPDPT8

The TPDPT8 is our latest Air Differential Pressure Sensor which is our first to provide no long term drift or temperature drift and a better than 0.2% accuracy near zero pressure. These are our most stable and accurate differential air pressure sensors to date.

The TPDPT8 transmitters offer +/- range selection options and multi-range options from 0-25Pa to 0-500Pa and additional options include LCD display and IP65 industrial housing, making them perfect for applications in ventilation/air conditioning systems, operating theatres, fume cupboards, filter monitoring, fan speed control, air pressure monitoring control and air leak detection systems.

We are also in the final stages of developing a range of BACnet & Modbus Air Differential Pressure sensors which will be available soon.

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For more information on the TPDPT8 please click the link below or contact our sales team on 0161 406 6480 or email

Titan’s Fan Coil Controllers Supplied for Royal London

Over 375 FCU-4 fan coil unit controllers have been installed at Royal London Insurance Group in Wilmslow. The building comprises 3 floors of occupied office space and the installation of the new fan coil unit controllers will provide heating and cooling to the building. The occupants are quickly able to adjust temperature settings and operation through the stylish RDU-4 display unit, ensuring optimum comfort of the occupants at all times. A RS485 network was installed between each Titan FCU-4 master controller and associated slave controllers allowing temperature settings and times to be sent from controller to controller from the network master.

The installation was completed by Nyke Energy who undertook a comprehensive commissioning exercise ensuring all existing fan coil units operated efficiently and to the clients needs. This was a critical process with access to the units being extremely difficult. Nyke Energy recommended and delivered the FCU-4 as it allowed a flexible and budget friendly solution, which was configured to the client’s application by Titan prior to delivery.

Nyke Energy were able to provide a cost effective solution to upgrade the existing fan coil unit controls which had reached the end of their working life. The solution had to provide a means of installation with minimal disruption as the building was to remain occupied and unaffected for the entire 14-week upgrade program.

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Discounted NetMaster Router

The TP-NM-R/1000 NetMaster Router is a high-performance, intelligent and secure communications product designed to route BACnet MS/TP network points to BACnet IP.

The Router is designed and manufactured in-house at Titan Products and provides comprehensive features that include:

  • Responsive HTML5 commissioning web pages that automatically re-size for PC, laptop and mobile smart devices
  • Fully supports backup and restore of compatible Titan MS/TP devices
  • Flexible routing options for 2 x IP networks from one NetMaster router
  • Advanced 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and support for MS/TP baud rates from 9,600 to 76,800 bps
  • Supports BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) and Foreign Device Registration (FDR)

The TP-NM-R/1000 is quick and easy to install with the DIN rail mounted enclosure.

Throughout September 2017, we are offering our TP-NM-R/1000 at a discounted rate. Please contact us quoting SEPT-B for further information.


Office Expansion Completed

We are pleased to announce that the expansion of our premises in Stockport is now complete. The additional space will allow us to increase our dedicated and ambitious team and the addition of a mezzanine floor to our production facilities will enable us to respond even more effectively to the rapidly growing demand for our products. We are continuing to go from strength to strength and are excited about our future development.



Titan Products Release New Modern Room Housing

We are pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, all our surface mounted room sensors will be supplied within new modern room housings.  We are confident that this update will provide a more attractive appearance while remaining at a size that will not draw attention, due to their non-reflective, discrete finish. With a cleaner more elegant design, the new room sensor enclosures will fit seamlessly into any environment.

Room CO2 with LED

Room CO2 with LED

While the design of the enclosure has been updated, the products remain the same.  Our impressive in-house expertise in electronic product design, software development and system communications ensures all software and product development is maintained at an extremely high standard.

Our new enclosures are available in a range of colours and cover a range of products including both wired and wireless temperature, humidity, CO2 and light level sensors.  The prices of our products remain unchanged and we are still offering branding opportunities on the new room housing.

For more information please contact the sales team on 0161 406 6480.

Titan Products join the BSI

At Titan Products, we pride ourselves on our quality products and service and always strive to be the best we can be. That is why we are delighted to join the BSI and to commit to delivering on our promise of high standards.

Titan Products join BSI

Titan Products join BSI


Being a member of the BSI will allow Titan Products to ensure that we continue to meet our quality standards and continue to offer our customers the very best products and support possible.

Zigbee Alliance welcomes Titan Products

As a leading UK manufacture providing Zigbee wireless sensors, Titan Products are delighted to announce we have joined the Zigbee Alliance.

Titan Products join the Zigbee Alliance

Titan Products join the Zigbee Alliance

Being a member of the Zigbee Alliance will aid Titan Products’ design and development of new Zigbee wireless products and cement our position at the forefront of wireless sensing. This development will allow Titan to continue to supply reliable wireless sensing solutions with long battery lives and signal strengths on an open platform.

Titan Products manufacture Temperature, Co2, Humidity, Light Level and Occupancy wireless sensors, all of which can help you to achieve large on-site cost savings through less cable runs and quicker more simple installation process.

For more information on our Zigbee Wireless Sensors contact us now on 0161 406 4680 or email or visit