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Titan’s Fan Coil Controllers Supplied for Royal London

Over 375 FCU-4 fan coil unit controllers have been installed at Royal London Insurance Group in Wilmslow. The building comprises 3 floors of occupied office space and the installation of the new fan coil unit controllers will provide heating and cooling to the building. The occupants are quickly able to adjust temperature settings and operation […]

Discounted NetMaster Router

The TP-NM-R/1000 NetMaster Router is a high-performance, intelligent and secure communications product designed to route BACnet MS/TP network points to BACnet IP. The Router is designed and manufactured in-house at Titan Products and provides comprehensive features that include: Responsive HTML5 commissioning web pages that automatically re-size for PC, laptop and mobile smart devices Fully supports backup and […]

Powerful BACnet MS/TP to IP Router

Titan Products are delighted to announce the launch of our all new MS/TP to IP Router. Designed to route BACnet MS/TP network points to BACnet IP, the TP-NM-R/1000 NetMaster Router is a powerful, intelligent, secure and cost effective solution for any BMS application.   Designed and manufactured by Titan Products in the UK, the router’s feature set includes […]

Control your environment with CO2 Duct sensors

CO2 Duct Sensor

Titan Products have launched  new CO2 duct sensors to add to the extremely successful range of CO2 sensors.   With a list prices £165, the TITAN TPVDCO2 duct sensors provides CO2 and measurement of 0-2000ppm scaled across a 0-10V output.

Keeping at the forefront sensor technology

Control products manage indoor environments

With Sensor Technology constantly evolving it is imperative that Titan Products invest in future technologies. This ensures that our product range keeps at the forefront of HVAC technology. Investment allows Titan Products to offer the best monitoring, control and comfort solutions available for the user while also keeping commissioning and installation costs down to a […]

Ventilation on Demand

Titan Products

As the comfort levels of room occupants and energy efficiency become more and more important in today’s world, HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) control needs to become more accurate and flexible to alter its parameters to match demand. Put simply, this is called Ventilation on Demand.